Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp

August 7, 2023

Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp. The truth is WhatsApp is the best platform for engaging with your customers.

In these changing times, businesses need to engage their users effectively on WhatsApp.

Your message needs to be impactful and clear to your intended audience. Upon researching and talking with lots of customers, we found some characteristics stay the same.

Surprise, this can also be super easy if you use the EazyBe chrome extension!

Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp

Conversational - Do you use 'dear' or 'regards' while talking with your friends and family? No right. your customers might feel getting duped by a robot if they see such texts in today's world!

Using an informal tone can make customers forthcoming and that builds relationships and trust in your service.

Depending upon your brand's tone make it conversational, Use friendly, local words, emojis & puns. Ask questions and avoid jargon.

Short and Sweet - Keep your sentences short and sweet, easily readable, and easy to digest. Shorter sentences are direct and help make customers' actions quicker.

Visuals - Include photos, media files, attach them whenever possible to emphasize your point. Sending some media files in between the texts makes content easy to read. You can also consider sending videos for better understanding.

Formatting - Use formatting such as

  • Italics: _Hello_ → Hello
  • Bold: *Hello* → Hello

This helps in putting emphasis on important parts of the text and drawing the customer's attention!

Include links - Add relevant links, use URL shorteners if needed!