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Sync WhatsApp chats with Zoho CRM instantly for streamlined communication tracking. Enjoy seamless integration with just one click. Effortlessly manage and track all interactions in one place.
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Zoho - Whatsapp Integration

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Conversations on WhatsApp effortlessly synchronize with corresponding Leads and Contacts, streamlining data management. This integration facilitates comprehensive tracking and monitoring of interactions, enhancing user productivity. By automating the syncing process, users benefit from real-time updates and insights into customer engagements. Eliminating manual data entry reduces errors and saves valuable time for sales and CRM teams. Overall, the auto-sync feature enhances communication management and supports effective customer relationship building.
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Create and View all fields of Zoho in WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp follow-ups and notes seamlessly sync with Zoho CRM, enhancing efficiency. This integration eliminates the need to open Zoho separately, simplifying workflow. By automating data transfer, users can efficiently manage communications and tasks directly from WhatsApp. This streamlined process saves time and optimizes productivity for sales and CRM teams.
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