Comparison between Eazybe and Cooby

Here is the comparison table between these features of Eazybe and Cooby-

What is Cooby?

Cooby is a browser extension designed to complement WhatsApp. It enhances the web application by adding additional features, with a focus on improving sales, marketing, and productivity.

Cooby provides the following functionalities-

  • Productivity features
  • Custom features
  • Integration
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Hubspot

Cooby features -

  • Message Tabs - Cooby offers a predefined set of tabs to assist you in discovering and prioritizing conversations.
  • CRM Integration - Cooby integrates with only HubSpot CRM.
  • Reminders - Configure WhatsApp reminders and ensure you never overlook any tasks or activities linked to a specific chat.
  • Calendar - Schedule meetings with your contacts through calendar.
  • Notes - You can take notes and ensure you never lose crucial information again.

Pros :

  • Icon design is colourful which looks good.
  • Templates are useful.

Cons :

  • Some users have reported discrepancies between the features described on Cooby's website and their actual performance. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly.
  • Additionally, there have been instances where users reported being charged even after canceling their subscription.
  • AI is very useful in today’s time which is not in it.
  • Some people reported that replies are slow even with good internet connectivity.


If you're seeking only HubSpot CRM integration exclusively with WhatsApp, Cooby is a suitable choice. However, if you require integration with other CRMs like Zoho, Bitrix24, Freshdesk, Webhook & even hubspot, or if you need a comprehensive solution to efficiently monitor your sales, Eazybe is the perfect extension for you. Besides CRM integration, Eazybe provides a wide range of powerful features, including a team inbox, message scheduling, label and funnel creation, and more. These features are designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity in multiple aspects.

What is Eazybe?

Eazybe Extension offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their WhatsApp communication and CRM integration. With features like CRM integrations, Team Inbox, custom labels and funnels, and AI-powered suggestions, it empowers teams to improve their customer interactions, organization, and overall productivity.

Eazybe offers a range of functionalities, including -

  • Productivity features
  • Custom features
  • Integration
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence

Eazybe Features -

  • CRM Integration - Provides integration with all 6 popular CRMs like HubSpot, Bitrix , Zoho, Salesforce, Webhooks & Freshdesk and also you can automatically back up your WhatsApp conversations in your CRM. This is incredibly useful for keeping a record of customer interactions and communications in one central location.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Chat GPT-powered AI suggestions to provide intelligent recommendations for your WhatsApp conversations. This feature can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of your responses.
  • Team Inbox - The Team Inbox feature is designed to provide complete visibility into your team's WhatsApp chats and analytics. This means that your team can collaborate effectively, as everyone has access to the same conversations and can stay on top of customer interactions.
  • Labels & Funnels - Users can create custom labels and categorize WhatsApp chats according to their specific needs. This customization enhances organization and efficiency, making it easier to find and manage conversations based on their importance or context. Funnels are particularly useful for tracking the progress of clients or leads through defined stages.
  • Quick Replies - With the quick reply feature, you can create rapid responses and send them when necessary, even with attachments included.
  • Broadcast Message - The broadcast message feature allows you to send a message to multiple people within specific label

Eazybe Support -

Eazybe offers free onboarding assistance and 24/7 customer support through email and chat, regardless of the plan you select. Additionally, Eazybe provides an extensive self-help resource repository on its website, including:

  • Integration guides,
  • FAQs with answers
  • Comprehensive information about the Eazybe platform

Pros :

  • Eazybe has garnered positive feedback from users, with reports of significant productivity growth. Users have found it to be highly convenient and efficient, especially in organizing their WhatsApp inbox effectively.
  • Team Inbox feature is very useful for monitoring your team.
  • CRM integration with almost every popular CRM software.
  • Custom labels and funnels, along with Google Sheets integration, proves to be incredibly helpful for efficiently managing a large customer base
  • Eazybe's support is highly regarded, offering real-time solutions, efficient tech support, fast response times, and easy accessibility for users, making it a valuable resource for assistance and problem-solving.

Cons :

  • While using Eazybe on a slow or laggy internet connection, it lags too.
  • Ability to do calling from WhatsApp web will be a good feature.

Why Eazybe stands out from others-

It is a user-friendly platform that not only simplifies the setup process but also offers a robust set of features to enhance productivity. While Cooby provides interface enhancements, Eazybe goes beyond by offering the following advantage:

  • Integration capabilities with so many CRM softwares.
  • No API requirement.
  • Features for taking notes, setting reminders, and seamlessly scheduling meetings with clients.
  • Enhanced support to ensure your issues are prioritized and addressed.
  • A focus on data security, ensuring your information remains safe and protected.
  • Access to the product roadmap, providing visibility into ongoing and upcoming developments.