Comparison between Eazybe and WA Deck

Here is the comparison table between these features of Eazybe vs WA Deck-

What is WA Deck?

WA Deck is a valuable tool for workflow optimization, especially for businesses that heavily rely on WhatsApp for customer interactions. Maximize your productivity with AI-powered tools that optimize your WhatsApp conversations. Take control of your contacts by efficiently organizing and managing them.

WA Deck provides the following functionalities-

  • Productivity features
  • AI
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Customization

WA Deck features -

  • Labels: The ability to create custom labels and organize chats is crucial for CRM. This feature can help businesses segment and manage their conversations effectively.
  • AI: Smart replies powered by AI can significantly improve response efficiency. AI-driven responses can handle routine inquiries and tasks, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex and personalized interactions
  • Templates: Message templates are an excellent feature for maintaining consistent and effective communication with customers.
  • Status Update: Managing WhatsApp status directly from WhatsApp Web simplifies the process of keeping customers informed about important updates or promotions.


  • AI for smart replies
  • Status updates from WhatsApp Web


  • Lack of CRM integration
  • Inability to create follow-ups and tasks
  • Unable to schedule messages


The absence of CRM integration and other key features like task creation and message scheduling could limit its effectiveness in a business context. So, WA Deck may not be the most suitable choice for businesses or organizations looking to boost sales and productivity.

What is Eazybe?

Eazybe Extension is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses streamline their communication on WhatsApp and integrate it with their CRM system. By offering various features such as CRM integrations, Team Inbox, custom labels and funnels, and AI-powered suggestions, Eazybe enables teams to enhance their customer interactions, improve organization, and boost overall productivity.

Eazybe offers a range of functionalities, including -

  • Productivity features
  • Custom features
  • Integration
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence

Eazybe Features -

  • CRM Integration - Eazybe provides integration with popular CRM systems like HubSpot, Bitrix, Zoho, Salesforce, Webhooks, and Freshdesk. Also It automatically back up WhatsApp conversations in your CRM, ensuring that all customer interactions and communications are recorded in a centralized location.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Eazybe utilizes Chat GPT-powered AI suggestions to provide intelligent recommendations for your WhatsApp conversations. AI suggestions can improve the quality and efficiency of your responses, making it easier to handle customer inquiries and tasks.
  • Team Inbox - Team Inbox offers complete visibility into your team's WhatsApp chats and analytics. This feature promotes effective collaboration, as all team members have access to the same conversations and can stay updated on customer interactions. It's particularly useful for maintaining consistency in customer support and sales.
  • Labels & Funnels - Users can create custom labels and categorize WhatsApp chats to suit their specific needs. This customization enhances organization and efficiency, allowing you to find and manage conversations based on their importance or context. Funnels are beneficial for tracking the progress of clients or leads through defined stages.
  • Quick Replies - Quick Replies allow you to create and send rapid responses when needed, even including attachments. This feature can save time and maintain consistency in responses to common inquiries.
  • Broadcast Message - The broadcast message feature enables you to send a message to multiple people within specific labels. This can be particularly useful for sending updates, announcements, or promotions to targeted groups of customers.

Eazybe Support -

Eazybe's support offerings are a crucial aspect of its service, ensuring that users can make the most of the platform. Here's an overview of their support features:

  1. Free Onboarding Assistance: Eazybe provides free onboarding assistance to help users get started with the platform. This support can be particularly valuable for new users and businesses that are integrating Eazybe into their workflows.
  2. 24/7 Customer Support: The availability of 24/7 customer support through email and chat means that users can get assistance whenever they need it.
  3. Self-Help Resources:
  4. Integration Guides
  5. FAQs
  6. Comprehensive Information

Pros :

  • Eazybe is praised by users for boosting productivity and effective organization of WhatsApp conversations.
  • The Team Inbox feature helps teams collaborate and stay on top of customer interactions.
  • It integrates seamlessly with popular CRM software, centralizing customer data.
  • Custom labels and funnels offer efficient customer base management.
  • Google Sheets integration is valuable for data handling.
  • Eazybe's customer support is highly rated, with real-time solutions and fast response times.

Cons :

  • Eazybe experiences lag when used on a slow or unreliable internet connection.
  • Having the option to make phone calls from WhatsApp web would be a valuable addition.

Why Eazybe stands out from others-

The platform is designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, making the setup process straightforward. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive range of features that effectively improve efficiency and productivity. Eazybe goes beyond by offering the following advantage:

  • Extensive CRM integrations without needing complex APIs.
  • Productivity features like note-taking, reminders, and meeting scheduling.
  • Efficient and responsive customer support.
  • Strong focus on data security.
  • Transparency through access to the product roadmap.