Comparison between Eazybe and WA Sender

Here is the comparison table between these features of Eazybe vs WA Sender-

What is WA Sender?

WA Sender simplifies communication by offering features such as unlimited messaging, the ability to upload Excel files, and privacy options. By upgrading to the PRO version, users can enjoy additional benefits including the ability to send attachments, send personalized bulk messages, and set time gaps between messages..

Cooby provides the following functionalities-

  • Productivity features
  • Custom messages
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Reports

WA Sender features -

  • Auto Reply - Instantly engage with your customers through the auto-reply feature, simplifying communication and response times.
  • Sent/Failed Reports - Gain valuable insights into message delivery by accessing and downloading message sent/failed reports, allowing you to monitor and optimize your messaging strategies.
  • Pin Unread Chats - Keep track of important conversations by pinning unread chats to the top, ensuring they remain easily accessible and a priority in your messaging management.


  • Availability of the auto-reply feature, facilitating quick and automated responses.
  • The ability to download message reports, providing valuable insights into message delivery.


  • Absence of labels for chat organization and categorization.
  • Limited customer support through email, potentially impacting real-time assistance.
  • Lack of AI capabilities, which could enhance automation and intelligent responses.
  • Inability to integrate with CRM systems, which may be important for effective customer relationship management.


While the auto-reply function is beneficial, WhatsApp Business already includes it as an integrated feature. Additionally, the ability to access message reports, which is useful for tracking messages, can be achieved by simply opening individual one-on-one chats. Therefore, investing in separate tools for these particular features may not be the most cost-effective decision.

What is Eazybe?

Eazybe Extension provides a holistic solution to enhance WhatsApp communication and seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, catering to the needs of businesses. Its offerings include CRM integrations, a Team Inbox, custom labels and funnels, and AI-driven recommendations, enabling teams to elevate their customer interactions, streamline organization, and boost overall productivity.

Eazybe offers a range of functionalities, including -

  • Productivity features
  • Custom features
  • Integration
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence

Eazybe Features -

  • CRM Integration: Eazybe seamlessly integrates with six popular CRM platforms, including HubSpot, Bitrix, Zoho, Salesforce, Webhooks, and Freshdesk. It offers automatic WhatsApp conversation backup to your CRM, centralizing customer interactions and communications for easy access and management.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Eazybe harnesses the power of Chat GPT-powered AI suggestions, providing intelligent recommendations to enhance the quality and efficiency of your WhatsApp responses.
  • Team Inbox: The Team Inbox feature offers complete visibility into your team's WhatsApp chats and analytics. It facilitates effective collaboration as team members have access to the same conversations, enabling them to stay updated on customer interactions.
  • Labels & Funnels: Users can create customized labels and categorize WhatsApp chats according to their specific requirements. This feature enhances organization and efficiency, simplifying the process of finding and managing conversations based on their significance or context. Funnels are particularly valuable for tracking the progress of clients or leads through defined stages.
  • Quick Replies: The quick reply feature enables the creation of rapid responses, including attachments, for convenient use when needed.
  • Broadcast Message: Eazybe offers the broadcast message feature, allowing you to send messages to multiple recipients within specific labels, ensuring efficient communication.

Eazybe Support -

Eazybe offers free onboarding assistance and 24/7 customer support through email and chat, regardless of the plan you select. Additionally, Eazybe provides an extensive self-help resource repository on its website, including:

  • FAQs with answers
  • Integration guides
  • Comprehensive information about the Eazybe platform

Pros :

  • Eazybe has received glowing reviews from users, who have experienced substantial productivity gains. Users have found it remarkably convenient and efficient, particularly for effectively organizing their WhatsApp inbox.
  • The Team Inbox feature proves to be highly beneficial for team monitoring and collaboration.
  • Eazybe boasts CRM integration with nearly all popular CRM software, offering a wide range of options for customer data management.
  • Custom labels and funnels, coupled with Google Sheets integration, provide invaluable assistance in efficiently managing a large customer base and tracking their progress.
  • Eazybe's customer support is top-notch, characterized by real-time solutions, efficient technical support, quick response times, and user-friendly accessibility. It serves as a valuable resource for assistance and issue resolution.

Cons :

  • Eazybe may experience lag when used on a slow or unreliable internet connection.
  • The addition of a feature for making calls directly from WhatsApp Web would be a valuable enhancement.

Why Eazybe stands out from others-

Eazybe distinguishes itself as a user-friendly platform that not only simplifies the setup process but also offers a robust array of features designed to maximize productivity. While Cooby primarily provides interface enhancements, Eazybe goes a step further by offering the following advantages:

  • Extensive Integration Capabilities
  • No API Requirement
  • Comprehensive Productivity Tools
  • Enhanced Support
  • Data Security Focus: Your information is safeguarded with a strong focus on data security, guaranteeing that your data remains safe and protected.
  • Roadmap Visibility: Eazybe grants access to its product roadmap, offering transparency into ongoing and upcoming developments, empowering users with insights into the platform's future enhancements.