How To Apply For Green Tick On Whatsapp Business?

August 7, 2023

Clearing up WhatsApp's "Green Tick" confusion: Differentiating it from the Facebook verification process for WhatsApp-Business API. Let us guide you through the steps to obtain this badge for your business on WhatsApp, ensuring you understand the distinction.

What is “Green Tick” On Whatsapp Or Badge?

The "green tick" on WhatsApp, also known as the verified badge, is a symbol that indicates a verified account. It serves as a visual confirmation that the account belongs to a genuine individual or business and has undergone a verification process by WhatsApp. This badge of authenticity helps users differentiate between legitimate accounts and potential impersonators or fake profiles.

The green tick appears next to the profile name in chats, contact lists, and group conversations. It acts as a trust indicator, letting users know that the account they are interacting with is associated with the verified entity it claims to be, such as a public figure, celebrity, or verified business.

What are the two primary types of WhatsApp Business accounts?

1. Official Business Account:

An Official Business Account (OBA) is a verified WhatsApp Business account owned by an authentic, notable brand. WhatsApp verifies the ownership of these accounts, ensuring their legitimacy. As a user, you can see the business name even if you haven't saved their number in your address book. It's important to note that businesses cannot pay to obtain an Official Business Account on WhatsApp. The "green tick" or "verified badge" is exclusively reserved for these accounts, indicating their verified status.

2. Business Account:

A Business Account encompasses any business that uses the WhatsApp Business App. These accounts may not have undergone the official verification process by WhatsApp. However, if a business chooses to integrate with the WhatsApp Business API, it must complete the Facebook Business Verification process to authenticate its identity. This verification process ensures the business's authenticity and adheres to Facebook's guidelines.

What is the eligibility for a Green Tick ?

You Must Have To -

Green Tick On whatsapp

1. Integration with WhatsApp Business API Or Non API : Ensure your business is integrated with the WhatsApp Business API. Solution providers can assist you in this process, enabling advanced features and functionalities. Integrate Your Whatsapp Business Non API Account With Eazybe Chrome Extension to Get Multile CRM Benefits & Easy To use In Your Whatsapp Business Account.

2. Facebook Business Verification: Complete the Facebook Business Verification process through your FB Business Manager. This verification step verifies the authenticity of your business, aligning with Facebook's guidelines.

3. Aim for Tier 2 Messaging Level: Strive to operate at a Tier 2 or above messaging level. This indicates that your business handles a significant volume of customer interactions and maintains high-quality messaging standards.

4. Establish a Reputed and Notable Brand: WhatsApp primarily grants the verified badge to highly reputed and notable brands. Focus on building a strong brand presence and credibility to increase your chances of obtaining this badge.

5. Trustworthiness and Authenticity: Emphasize trustworthiness and authenticity in all aspects of your business. This includes maintaining consistent branding, providing reliable customer support, and adhering to WhatsApp's guidelines and policies.

How to Get Green Tick Or Badge On Whatsapp Business Account?

To apply for a verified green tick WhatsApp Business account, the first step is to integrate your business with the WhatsApp Business API. Your API provider can assist you throughout this process. Once your business is integrated and you have supported 50+ users on WhatsApp, you become eligible to apply for the green tick.

While Eazybe supports you throughout the process and helps you meet the eligibility criteria, the decision rests solely with WhatsApp. Their decision regarding the approval or rejection of your green tick application is final.

Reasons of non-eligibility for a Green Tick.

Restricted Categories: WhatsApp prohibits businesses dealing with the following products/services from integrating with WhatsApp Business API and obtaining the green tick:

  • Drugs
  • Tobacco items
  • Gambling businesses
  • Alcohol brands
  • Weapons and ammunition businesses
  • Live animals
  • Adult products/services
  • Medical and healthcare products
  • Dating services
  • Cryptocurrencies

Ineligibility: If your business falls within any of these restricted categories, you are not eligible to apply for integration with WhatsApp Business API or obtain the green tick on WhatsApp.

Compliance with Policies: WhatsApp maintains strict policies and guidelines to ensure the safety and integrity of its platform. By adhering to these policies, WhatsApp can provide a secure and trustworthy environment for users.

What are the benefits of “Green Tick”?

The WhatsApp Green Tick serves as a powerful symbol of authenticity for your brand. When customers receive messages from your brand via a green tick verified WhatsApp Business account, it instantly communicates your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.

Moreover, the Green Tick plays a crucial role in brand recognition. It ensures that your brand name is prominently displayed to users, even if they haven't saved your contact information on their devices. This feature fosters a stronger connection between your brand and customers, enhancing their perception and creating a more personalized experience.

By having the Green Tick, your brand gains a competitive edge and stands out as a trusted entity on WhatsApp. It helps establish a positive impression and strengthens customer confidence in your brand's communication.