What is communities in WhatsApp? Interesting Ways to Use them.

August 7, 2023

WhatsApp Communities: Revolutionizing Group Communication

If you're an avid WhatsApp user, you might have noticed a new shortcut in the top left corner of the app. This recent addition is part of the launch of WhatsApp Community, a ground breaking feature designed to bring together groups of WhatsApp users and enhance large-scale communication. In this article, we will delve into the world of Communities in WhatsApp, exploring what they are, the benefits they offer, and most importantly, guide you through the process of creating your very own Community in Whatsapp.

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what is the use of community in whatsapp?

Similar to Viber Communities, a popular feature for businesses to engage with their audiences, WhatsApp has now introduced WhatsApp Communities to its global user base. Available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, Communities in WhatsApp provide a platform for users to organize and unite related WhatsApp community groups under a single umbrella. Community administrators can easily reach out to members with important updates through announcements, while Community members can stay connected and engaged by exploring and participating in groups that align with their interests. Essentially, WhatsApp Communities function as supergroups, offering dedicated spaces to discuss specific topics and foster collaboration.

Creating a WhatsApp Community

To get started with creating a WhatsApp Community, it's essential to understand the roles within a Community:

  • Admins: Admins have the responsibility of creating and managing the Community. They possess the power to moderate all the groups within the Community.
  • Members: Members actively participate in the Community but do not have management capabilities.

Here's a step-by-step guide on creating a WhatsApp Community:

 communities in whatsapp group
  • Open WhatsApp on your device and navigate to the "Community" section.
  • Tap on the "New Community" button to initiate the Community creation process.
  • Enter a suitable name, description, and profile photo for your Community. These details will help users understand the purpose and focus of your Community.
  • Tap the green arrow to proceed.
  • Next, you'll be presented with a list of existing groups that you can add to your Community. You can include up to 50 groups, each with a maximum of 1024 members.
  • Select the groups you want to include in your Community by tapping on them or using the search bar to find specific groups.
  • Once you've made your selections, tap the" green check mark" to confirm.
  • Congratulations! Your WhatsApp Community is now created, and the chosen groups will be added to it. Members of the included groups will receive invitations to join the Community in whatsapp .
  • As the Community admin, you have the ability to manage the Community by accessing the settings menu. From there, you can further customize the Community, handle member requests, and moderate content as necessary.

Unlocking the Potential of WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp Communities come equipped with an array of features to enhance communication and collaboration within large-scale groups:

  • Announcement Groups: Every WhatsApp Community has an announcement group, which can accommodate up to 5,000 participants. Admins can utilize this group to broadcast announcements and important messages to all members, ensuring efficient information dissemination.
  • Message Features: WhatsApp Communities introduce several message features to enrich communication. These include emoji reactions to express responses, in-chat polls for real-time opinions, file sharing of up to 2 gigabytes per file, and larger voice calls for up to 32 participants in the same group.
  • Moderation Capabilities: Community admins have full control over their Communities, ensuring they remain free of harmful content, spam, and misbehavior. Admins can manage Community information, create and remove groups, report and remove abusive members, assign admin roles, and moderate individual messages if needed.

What are The Benefits of WhatsApp Communities for Businesses?

While WhatsApp Communities are not searchable within the app and admission is through invitation only, they still offer significant advantages for businesses:

  • Audience Engagement: The new Polls feature in WhatsApp Communities enables businesses to gain insights into their audience's preferences. By creating polls, businesses can gather feedback and opinions on various topics, fostering a sense of engagement and making customers feel heard.
  • Brand Community Building: WhatsApp Communities provide a unique opportunity for boutique brands to cultivate a close-knit community of loyal customers. By granting exclusive access to select information or events, businesses can foster a sense of exclusivity, thereby increasing brand loyalty.
  • Streamlined Communication: Companies that communicate at scale on WhatsApp can benefit from the announcement group feature in Communities. With all announcements coming from a single voice, there is a reduced chance of miscommunication, ensuring that everyone stays updated with the same information.

Create Your WhatsApp Community Today!

If Communities in WhatsApp are available in your country, you can start creating your own Community and harness its immense potential. Follow the steps outlined earlier in this article, and begin bringing people together, enhancing communication, and building a thriving Community around your brand.

WhatsApp Communities represent a significant step forward in group communication and collaboration. By leveraging this feature, businesses can engage their audiences, support customers, and foster a strong sense of community. With its powerful features, moderation capabilities, and user-friendly interface, WhatsApp Communities offer an innovative platform for organizations to connect and communicate with their audience on a larger scale.

what is Communities in Whatsapp

So, seize the opportunity and create your WhatsApp Community today to revolutionize your group communication experience.

WhatsApp Communities revolutionize - the way users can organize and manage related WhatsApp groups. This feature allows users to bring multiple groups together under one umbrella, providing a centralized platform for streamlined communication and collaboration. With Communities, admins can effortlessly reach out to community members by sending announcements, ensuring important updates are effectively communicated. On the other hand, Community members can easily stay connected by exploring and participating in groups that align with their interests, creating dedicated spaces for discussions on specific topics.

Each Community has its own profile image, allowing Admins to customize the visual representation of the Community. A description can also be provided, offering a brief overview of the Community's purpose and focus.

WhatsApp Communities offer a powerful solution for organizing and managing related WhatsApp groups, facilitating efficient communication, and fostering engagement within a community of users, With profile customization options, clear descriptions, and the ability to join relevant groups, WhatsApp Communities provide a cohesive and user-friendly platform for users to connect and collaborate in a structured manner.

WhatsApp Communities is currently accessible to all WhatsApp personal app users at no cost. However, it is not yet available for WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp API. WhatsApp has announced that Communities will gradually roll out to everyone in the coming months, but they have not disclosed the specific list of supported countries.

What is the use of the use of Community in WhatsApp :

  • User Types: When it comes to WhatsApp Communities, there are two distinct user types: a. Admins: Admins have the responsibility of creating and managing Communities. They hold the power to moderate all the groups within the Community. b. Members: Members actively participate in the Community but do not possess management capabilities.
  • Community Structure: WhatsApp Communities allow related WhatsApp groups to be organized and grouped together under a common Community. This structure creates a unified space where admins and members can engage with each other seamlessly.
  • Profile Image, Description, and Group List: Each WhatsApp Community possesses, its own profile image, description, and a list of groups that members can join upon request. These features enhance the overall user experience by providing visual customization options and a clear overview of the Community's purpose.

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It's important to note:- That WhatsApp Communities are designed for personal app users, fostering large-scale communication and collaboration among individuals with shared interests.

As WhatsApp continues to expand the availability of Communities, it's an exciting time for users to explore and leverage this feature to enhance their WhatsApp experience.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Communities in your country and discover the potential it holds for connecting with like-minded individuals and fostering meaningful conversations.

WhatsApp Communities function with a clear distinction in roles and capabilities. Admins play a crucial role in creating and managing Communities, as well as moderating the groups within them. Members, on the other hand, actively participate in the Community without having any administrative authority.

What are the maximum number of admins allowed?

A WhatsApp Community can have a maximum of 20 admins, including the Community creator, and accommodate up to 5,000 total members. Community admins have the ability to add up to 50 groups, with each group allowing a maximum of 1,024 members. It's worth noting that joining a Community is not a straightforward process as they are not searchable. The only way to join is through an invitation from an admin. Furthermore, both admins and members have the freedom to leave a Community silently at any time, without any announcement made in the groups.

WhatsApp places a strong emphasis on privacy within Communities, adhering to their robust end-to-end encryption policy. This ensures that all conversations and shared content within Communities remain secure and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

WhatsApp Communities establish a clear distinction between admins and members, with admins holding management capabilities and members actively participating. The maximum limits for admins, members, and groups provide structure to the Community. Joining a Community requires an invitation, and privacy remains a priority with end-to-end encryption. Stay tuned as we explore the exciting message features within WhatsApp Communities in the next section.

WhatsApp Communities offer various messaging features to enhance communication within the Community. Let's explore these features in more detail:

Communities in Whatsapp group

How many total members can a Whatsapp Community accommodate?

  • Announcement Group: Every WhatsApp Community includes an announcement group with a capacity of up to 5,000 participants. This group is prominently pinned at the top of the Community menu and can be identified by the speaker icon. All Community members are automatically added to this group. Admins have the ability to send announcements and other relevant messages to all Community members. However, members can only read these messages and cannot engage in chat within the announcement group.
  • Emoji Reactions: To allow for expressive responses and avoid cluttering the chat with multiple messages, WhatsApp Communities now support emoji reactions. Community members can react to messages using emojis, providing a quick and efficient way to express their thoughts or emotions.
  • In-Chat Polls: WhatsApp Communities introduce the feature of in-chat polls. Admins can create polls within individual WhatsApp groups to gather real-time opinions and feedback from Community members. This feature enables admins to engage the Community and make data-driven decisions based on the poll results.
  • File Sharing: WhatsApp Communities allow file sharing with a maximum file size of up to 2 gigabytes per file. This applies to all groups within the Community, including the announcement group. Users can easily share files, documents, images, and videos, enhancing collaboration and information sharing within the Community.
  • Larger Voice Calls: WhatsApp Communities now support larger voice calls, allowing up to 32 people to participate in the same group call. This feature facilitates group discussions, virtual meetings, and conference calls within the Community, making it easier for members to connect and communicate.

WhatsApp Communities offer several moderation features to admins, empowering them to ensure the Community remains free from harmful content, spam, and misbehavior. Admins have full control over their Communities and can take the following actions:

  • Manage Community information, such as the Community name, description, and profile photo.
  • Create new groups within the Community, add pre-existing groups, or remove them as needed.
  • Report and remove abusive members from individual groups or the entire Community.
  • Promote members to admins within the Community.
  • Downgrade admins to member status if they violate the Community rules.

By providing these moderation capabilities, WhatsApp Communities enable admins to create a safe and positive space for members to interact and engage.

Using WhatsApp Communities for businesses can bring several benefits, including increased audience engagement, improved customer support, and the opportunity to build a community around your brand. Let's explore these benefits in more detail:

  • Increase Audience Engagement: WhatsApp Communities offer the Polls feature, which allows businesses to gather insights into their audience's preferences. By creating polls within WhatsApp groups or Communities, businesses can engage their audience, encourage participation, and gather valuable feedback. This helps in understanding customer preferences, making data-driven decisions, and tailoring products or services to meet their needs.
  • Support Customers: WhatsApp Communities provide a platform for businesses to offer customer support and build stronger relationships. Community members can interact with each other and with the business, enabling real-time communication and quick resolution of queries or issues. The announcement group within Communities also allows businesses to share important updates or announcements with customers in a centralized manner.
  • Build a Community Around Your Brand: WhatsApp Communities allow businesses to create a sense of exclusivity and belonging among their customers. By inviting select individuals to join the Community, businesses can create a private space where members can access exclusive information, participate in focused discussions, and feel part of a community centered around the brand. This fosters brand loyalty and strengthens the connection between the business and its customers.

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It's important to note - that Communities in WhatsApp are not searchable within the app and admission is by invitation only. This means they may not directly contribute to increasing business visibility. If increasing visibility is a priority, other platforms like Viber Communities may be more suitable, especially if your target audience is active on Viber.

For Example- , Food business can leverage WhatsApp Polls within their Community to gather feedback on customers' favorite soda flavors. Similarly, an event organizer can estimate attendance for a private party by conducting polls within the Community. Poll results can be accessed by both Community admins and group members through the "View votes" button, enabling businesses to receive valuable feedback for free while demonstrating open communication with customers.

WhatsApp Community also provide an opportunity for boutique brands to build a community around their brand, particularly for exclusive or VIP audience segments. By sending invitation links to customers fitting the desired profile, brands can create a sense of exclusivity and foster increased brand loyalty among members who enjoy private access to select information or events.

To create a WhatsApp Community, follow these steps if the feature is available in your country:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone or desktop and navigate to the Community tab.
  • Tap on "New Community."
  • Enter the Community name, description, and profile photo, and then tap the green arrow to proceed.
  • Choose between creating a new group or adding existing groups to the Community.
  • If creating a new group, add a group icon, a short description, and the group subject (the name visible to all participants).
  • If adding existing groups, select the desired groups and tap the green arrow icon. Note that the original group admins will retain their roles unless promoted to Community admins.
  • Tap the green checkmark icon when finished, and then select "View Community" to access and manage your newly created WhatsApp Community.

WhatsApp Communities offer businesses the ability to streamline communication, build a community around their brand, and gather valuable insights through features like polls. Creating a WhatsApp Community involves simple steps within the WhatsApp app, allowing businesses to connect with their audience more effectively.

How to Grow WhatsApp Communities:

Growing your Community in Whatsapp involves inviting members to join and engaging them in meaningful discussions. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you grow your WhatsApp Community:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone or desktop and access the WhatsApp Communities feature.
  • Click on the Community name to open it.
  • If you are using a phone, select "Invite members." For desktop users, choose "View members" and then "Invite to community via link."
  • Select the method through which you want to share the Community invite link. You can choose options like sharing the link through WhatsApp, email, social media, or any other preferred channel.
  • Share the invite link with your target audience, such as customers, employees, or community members, encouraging them to join the Community.
Communities in Whatsapp group devlopment

Now that you know how to grow your WhatsApp Community, let's explore how businesses can effectively utilize Communities for their specific use cases.

How Your Business Can Use Communities on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Communities offer several benefits for businesses, such as streamlined communication, customer support, and internal collaboration. Here are some ideas on how to use WhatsApp Communities for your business:

  • Share Updates and Promotions: Utilize the announcement group within your Community to share important updates, product launches, promotions, and exclusive offers. This helps in keeping your customers informed and engaged in a cost-effective manner.
  • Support Customers: Create a Community that serves as a support forum for your customers. Both admins and experienced community members can provide assistance and guidance in group chats. You can also create multiple groups within a large Community to cater to specific topics or interests, allowing customers to seek help and share experiences in a focused environment.
  • Internal Communication: Use WhatsApp Communities for internal communication within your organization. Instead of having a single group for all employees or separate groups for each department, Communities enable you to create dedicated groups for different teams. The announcement group can be utilized by company directors or HR departments to share important information with employees.
  • Broadcast Information: The announcement group in your Community is an effective channel for broadcasting information to your members. Use it to share company news, updates, achievements, and any other relevant information that needs to reach a wider audience.

Is WhatsApp Communities is for You?

While WhatsApp Communities offer valuable features for businesses, it's important to consider if it aligns with your specific needs. Here are some considerations based on your business size and usage:

  • Micro and Small Businesses: If you are a micro or small business using the WhatsApp personal app, Communities can be a useful tool to communicate with customers and manage messages through the announcement group. It allows you to bring different customer segments together and organize your communication effectively.
  • WhatsApp Business App Users: If you are using the WhatsApp Business App, you don't have direct access to the Communities feature. However, you can still initiate mass communication by sending targeted broadcasts to up to 256 WhatsApp contacts at a time. Broadcasts can be an effective way to reach your audience without the need for them to join a group.
  • SMEs and Enterprises: For businesses with a large WhatsApp audience, the best option is to get a WhatsApp Business API account. This provides increased broadcast limits and advanced features. You can connect your WhatsApp Business API account to platforms like respond.io for additional functionalities such as chat automation for marketing, sales, or support purposes.