Do you use WhatsApp effectively for Sales?

August 8, 2023

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4 years back when I was starting my previous company Hans Matrimony, we knew that it had a manual sales process since it was an industry that required speaking to the users on call or WhatsApp before they instilled the trust in you to register in your service. I looked at a lot of CRM solutions in the market but found most of them designed for the West with a heavy focus towards B2B SAAS like Sales process and felt very complex and irrelevant for our use case. E.g. our clients preferred Whatsapp over emails and we had to call them in order to get some fair share of their time. Also, the CRM needed was supposed to be simple but with the ability to manage a lot of clients with different sub-categories.

Moreover we also realized that while most of the conversations were happening on Call and WhatsApp, we didn't really have that much control over the conversations to measure productivity and quality. Lastly, since we didn't own Whatsapp we felt we were using it quite ineffectively. We tried asking around and realized that there were many many small businesses who were using the same process of Whatsapp messages and Calls to close Sales and were not acing it as well. This was a gap in the market that we wanted to fill led to birth of Eazybe.

Eazybe gives you the necessary data to measure and improve your Sales Team Performance both using Call and WhatsApp.


While we realized the need to monitor and improve employee communication on Whatsapp, we also felt that our Sales Teams needed an upgrade on our existing CRM as it was completely disconnected with our communication channel (i.e. Calls and Whatsapp). Moreover, employees had to switch between CRM and Whatsapp to check updates on previous comments of various customers while communicating on Whatsapp so we decided to build a CRM module inside Whatsapp and integrate it to our existing CRM. This not only made the communication much more streamlined but also made the followup process faster by 50%

Moreover, we also created chat seperator labels so that users could easily seperate out Chat lists pertaining to High Value, Low Value, High Interest, Low interest etc. The Team is free to create as many labels as they need basis their use case. The Chat seperator feature made the teams more productive as they could now get a clean interface and non-disturbing chats pertaining to their Sales Pipeline.

Eazybe - WhatsApp Chrome Extension

Eazybe Chat Seperator and other features

Additionally, we also added a few other features that were requested by the team such as Quick Replies, in order to streamline communication language and enable quick communication, and Schedule Messages, in order to Schedule a Message at a later date to a client.

There are a lot of interesting features underway to make Web Whatsapp more usable for the Workplace

Call Analysis

Eazybe Call Analyzer

We also created Eazybe Mobile Application that can be used to monitor the Tele-Sales Team performance. The app helps Managers and Admins get an understanding of Call Time - Incoming, Outgoing, Received, Not Picked up etc. This not only helps monitor the productivity of Sales Team but also manage the quality of conversations from the call recordings on the dashboard.

Call Analysis

Moreover, we provide an intuitive Dashboard to easily mine insights from Call Analysis Data so that you can map Sales performance with Call time, Connected Time, and many more metrics at Eazybe Workspace

It's Free to Try. Would love to get some feedback!