How Can EazyBe Help You Increase Your Covid-Era Remote Working Productivity!

August 7, 2023

How Can EazyBe Help You Increase Your Covid-Era Remote Working Productivity. COVID 19, a pandemic that shook the world and once again reminded humanity in spite of our advancement we remain insignificant in the sight of nature. As COVID climbed it's peak, we were forced to move inside our homes, follow social distancing, get doses of vaccines and pray for this catastrophe to seize. Many lives were lost and that pain has no solace as of yet and might take years to heal. Many lost their jobs and are now in debt.

But amidst all this chaos, we the race known to never back down, gradually and carefully stood united. Our doctors working on the front line day and night to save as many lives as possible. Our researchers working on the vaccine on such a large scale to give the people a fighting chance against COVID. Governments trying to aid and secure their citizens in every way possible. Also I would take this moment to extend the due credits to the people whose contributions were not great acknowledged, ours. Us, enduring the mental trauma and plunging into the hazard to take care of our families, our neighbors and doing whatever was possible and necessary to contribute to our society. In the face of disaster we united and our core as a society was ignited once again.

All this peace for a while and just when we thought COVID has disappeared, it strikes again!

What are the new norms?

Firstly, there's nothing to panic. We have tackled COVID once and as in the past we were a bit overwhelmed today we are not under prepared. We just need to abide by a few precautions.

1. Get the additional dose of vaccine to boost your immunity.

2. Maintain a distance of 6 foot outside and with people who are sick. If you are to take care of someone sick follow necessary precautions.

3. This strain of COVID is observed to cause minimal symptoms so just focus on a balanced diet and keep your medical supplies in check.


Remember, we are capable of handling this with just these few precautions. STAY SAFE STAY HEALTHY.


Businessmen and Entrepreneurs often face some crisis or other and confront micro to macro financial threats. Their spirit of not giving in is what equips them to face any situation tactfully.

But COVID was one such situation that even the visionaries had never comprehended. As we were forced to submit to a lockdown, the then existing firms bore heavy revenue losses. Some businesses even faced a shut down due to the inability to manage operation expenses with the increasing liabilities. Not only innovation was scarce but staying on the turf was strenuous.

Gradually, when lockdowns became the new normal "the digital era" came to rescue. The offices started functioning remotely and "work from home" became a common practice. Not just the offices, but during this time, a spike in the number of consumers online was observed throughout multiple revenue streams. With time not only the businesses stabilized but the employs were able to attain the "work life balance" they often find missing.

It has been observed, that remote operations has become a new norm one needs to build a successful enterprise on. With offices running remotely, consumers and providers functioning online it is safe to assume that our planet is now a digital landscape.


With employees working from home remotely, one suspicion that is likely to arise is that, can the team stay as functional and reliable as before ?

The answers to that question might be vague and open for debate, but if I tell you that no matter which side of the debate you're on, you can optimize your team to stay enthusiastic and productive just the same by following a few simple tricks.

  • Brainstorming ideas together. This not only helps in coming up with new ideas but it's necessary build a healthy team connection. A strong team is one with sufficient trust amongst individuals and this activity can help you attain that quickly.
  • Talking about things other than work. When working remotely, it is an absolute necessity to build bonds amongst team mates. Working is a necessity for most, but working where you are needs a bit more substance than just complexities of life.
  • Optimization of the corporate culture. Working remotely hampers the productivity of people. Thus occasional activities that magnifies the corporate values in the individuals is often required.
  • Documentation of plans and processes. Sometimes employees are left with a lot of questions, especially the "how". A well documented plan will not only enable your team to understand better but will also prove to be a boost in their productivity.
  • Never overload your team. In any usual setting it is easy to anticipate work load on your team but when things are running remotely it is next to impossible. Try to maintain an environment where your employees can communicate about their issues with tasks in hand.

If you can ensure these few things, I assure you, your teams strength will only go up.


Now that we've talked about how can your team be at it's best even with remote working there might be one thing that could still bother you. You've ensured your team's well being and corporate environment, how can you exactly monitor their productivity. Well, you better not worry because Eazybe is here to save the day.

Our product enables you run your office remotely with ease that too with Whatsapp Web.

You can create labels for your clients and add them to different funnels based on your marketing cycle. You can also maintain their profiles and also make necessary notes.

This doesn't end here. You can assign tasks to your employees and set reminders for them. And the cherry on the top is that you can now measure important metrics of your Team's productivity on Whatsapp using the Analytics section as shown below.

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