Install Chrome Extension in Microsoft Edge? Use this hack!

August 7, 2023

For installing Chrome Extension in Microsoft Edge use this hack. Microsoft has joined the browser wars finally. It shed his long owned skin of Internet Explorer ( ultimate meme machine ) and built its browser on Chromium engine, the same open-source engine on which browser lord Google Chrome runs!

While Google Chrome is famous for its extensions, Microsoft has very few approved in its own store, but don't worry now you can install Chrome extensions on Microsoft edge easily!

While the Chromium engine also offers a better battery life to the new Microsoft Edge, we can also use chrome extensions on the edge.

So if you're loving the new Microsoft Edge, you can install them from the Web Store of Chrome. Just make sure you have the latest version of Chrome installed!

Use Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge-

1.Go to Edge and click on the menu, the three dots.

2.Click on Extensions.

3. Click on Manage Extensions

4. Click on the toggle to allow extensions from other sources, click allow again

5. Go to Chrome Web Store, search and install the extension by clicking Add to Chrome.

You can also go to Chrome Web Store, and click on the blue banner that appears on the top of the screen saying - Allow extensions from other stores and then click Allow to confirm.