Schedule Messages in Whatsapp

August 7, 2023

Schedule Messages in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become almost synonymous to internet in our today's life and on an average people spend close to 4 hrs on Whatsapp on a daily basis. It's a wonderful tool with a very simple user experience so that people of any age group don't find it complicated to use and understand.

While it's the single most important communication medium of today we certainly feel the need to set scheduled messages on Whatsapp that would help us from forgetting things. While this feature is not available in the official version of the app, we launched it in the Eazybe Chrome Extension. You can now send Scheduled Messages, Add Quick Replies and do host of many other things using the Eazybe Chrome Extension

This is a game changer particularly for Small Businesses who don't have a lot of staff and are looking to manage chats, contacts using limited resources. So what are you waiting for, hop on the bandwagon! and give your business the wings to fly high.