This is How To Start A Chat Without Saving The Number On Your Phone on WhatsApp - The EazyBe Way!

August 7, 2023

How To Start A Chat Without Saving The Number On Your Phone on WhatsApp. Whatsapp doesn’t allow us to start chat without saving a number but when you install Eazybe Extension on top of Whatsapp Web, Eazybe provides you with this awesome feature.

This is going to be a step by step tutorial for starting a chat in whatsapp without saving a number through your Phone.

A lot of people have experienced this problem particularly business and Sales people where they often wish to start a chat without saving a number to their phone.

Let’s Start !

Step 1 : Install the EazyBe Chrome Extension

First you have to install the Eazybe Extension and login your Whatsapp Web, The extension starts automatically without the need to login, all that is required is for you to verify your account from gmail to access more features like Google Calendar, Saving a contact directly to phone from your Whatsapp Web. Just Click on “Add to Chrome” and get Ready to see the Magic !

Here is a link to Download Eazybe Extension from Chrome Web Store


Step 2 : Exploring through the home screen

The first thing you see when you login to your whatsapp web is the addition on these new features which you had never seen before.
Click on the button shown in the Screenshot below to start a chat.

Step 3 : Starting a Chat

Clicking the button opens a popup that asks for the number you wish to start chatting with. This also takes care of country code, If you start typing your country code it will automatically select the right country code else you can click on the country icon to select the country code of your choice.

Clicking the Start button will start the chat with the number Entered.

Try out Now Install the Eazybe Extension -

Here is a video tutorial of the same.