WhatsApp Community - Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Update!

August 7, 2023

WhatsApp Community - Whatsapp has become a part of our lives in an unparalleled way. Through Whatsapp no matter where we are, we are always connected to the world. From sharing morning snaps to important documents, all that authority resides in our finger tips. The groups that we make with a common agenda is also quite the thrill. Just when we thought all that's achievable is done Whatsapp launched it's new Community feature.


The Community feature on Whatsapp allows the user to bring together different groups with similar interests under one roof to organize conversations on Whatsapp. This makes communication and management easy for the users especially the admins.

Here's why?

When a community is formed, a default announcement group is also made. Not only this, new groups directly under the community can also be formed. Whenever a group is either created or added to a community, all the members of the group are also added to the announcement group. With this the admins can not only decide who to include in the community but easily interact and share crucial information with every member of the community.

All of this makes Whatsapp communites hands down the best feature offered in a while.


In today's digital era, Whatsapp community allows businesses to connect with a much larger group of customers on a grass root level. Businesses can now create communities of not only current customers but also potential leads. This can be applied to educate prospects about the product on a large scale with greater efficiency. Also think about the ease one achieves to address any queries that a customer holds. Businesses can also keep the customers well informed on any updates.

All of this will surely allow one to run their business smooth but also break grounds when it comes to healthy customer relations. The personal touch that a customer often lacks can now be extended. This enables businesses to build a much needed emotional connection and tap into the customers needs and happiness.


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