WhatsApp Polls- Their Benefits and Best Practices

September 25, 2023

Organizations employ various strategies to connect with their audience, including email communications, advertising across multiple platforms, and hosting events to maintain a strong rapport with their target demographic. In recent times, companies have shifted their focus toward leveraging WhatsApp due to its impressive usage statistics. While enterprises initially utilized WhatsApp to disseminate information about special offers and discounts to their customer base, they have since embraced the platform's ability to conduct polls for collecting valuable feedback. The introduction of WhatsApp Polls began with a limited beta test in 2021 before becoming accessible to a broader audience. This feature is now available for both businesses and individuals, empowering them to pose questions to groups and receive real-time responses.

What Exactly are WhatsApp Polls?

WhatsApp polls offer users the capability to pose questions within a group and provide up to 12 options for responses. Additionally, users can opt to receive real-time notifications whenever someone selects an option. The scope of polls is virtually unlimited, encompassing a wide range of topics and purposes. From a business perspective, companies can utilize polls to gather insights on their products or services, solicit feedback for improvement, or engage their audience with creative and unconventional polls designed for increased interaction. Generating polls on WhatsApp is a straightforward procedure, and the process may vary slightly depending on the device you are using. Let's delve into the steps for creating polls on WhatsApp on various devices.

How to create WhatsApp Polls?

Here are the steps for setting up WhatsApp Polls on Android and iOS devices-

To create a WhatsApp poll on an Android device, follow these steps:

  • Open the group chat or conversation in which you wish to create the Poll.
  • Look for the paperclip icon, which is the "Attach" option, and tap on it. From the available options, select "Poll" and then choose "Create a Poll.”
  • In the "Question" field, type the question you want to ask in your Poll.
  • Under the "Options" section, list the various choices for respondents to select from.
  • By default, WhatsApp allows users to choose multiple options. If you want to restrict respondents to select only one choice, you can turn off the "Allow multiple answers" setting.
  • Ensure that push notifications are enabled on your device to receive notifications when participants respond to the Poll.
  • Finally, click "Send" to share your Poll with the group or conversation.

To create a WhatsApp poll on an iOS device, follow these steps:

  • Select the group or user to whom you wish to send a poll.
  • Tap the "+" icon, and from the list of options, choose "Poll.
  • Under the "QUESTION" field, enter the question you want to ask in your Poll.
  • Add answer choices in the "OPTIONS" section, where respondents can select their preferred options.
  • To restrict users from responding to more than one option, toggle the "Allow multiple answers" option as needed.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap "Send" to share the Poll.

Responding to Polls

To participate in a poll and cast your vote, follow these steps :

  • Select the option you wish to vote for by tapping on it.
  • If you decide to change your vote, you can select a different option by tapping on it. This action will remove your previous vote and register your new choice.
  • In cases where the Poll restricts participants from selecting multiple options, you can only choose one. To switch your selection, deselect your initial choice and then pick the option you want to vote for.

Did you know - Users by default, can respond to their polls, but this information is visible only to them. Other respondents cannot see individual responses.

View Poll Results

Locate the Poll within the chat or group where it was conducted. Select the Poll, and an option like "View Votes" should be available for you to choose. This action will allow you to see the results of the Poll.

Ways to Utilize WhatsApp Polls

There are numerous ways to effectively utilize WhatsApp polls to gather valuable insights and engage with your audience. Here are some examples of how you can leverage them:

  • Collect Feedback: If you're looking to gauge customer sentiment about your product, create a poll to solicit feedback. Ask customers about their genuine feelings regarding your product and inquire about areas where you could have improved. Use this feedback to enhance and optimize your product or service in the future.
  • Generate Pre-Launch Buzz: If you have an upcoming product release and want to create excitement and anticipation, consider creating a poll. Engage your followers by asking them to speculate on what the next product might be or what features it might include. This can generate pre-launch buzz and hype around your new offering.
  • Seek Input: When you're uncertain about your next product direction or facing challenges, reach out directly to your users for input. Ask them what they believe your next product should be or which features they consider essential or unnecessary based on their experience. This valuable input can guide you in making refinements and delivering precisely what your customers desire.
  • Support Feedback: To optimize your before and after-sales support services, use polls to gather feedback. After providing support to a prospect or customer, send them a poll to assess their genuine satisfaction with the resolution. This feedback loop can help you identify areas for improvement in your support processes.

Advantages of WhatsApp Polls

WhatsApp polls offer numerous advantages, making them a valuable tool for gathering insights and engaging with an audience. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Maintains Anonymity: WhatsApp polls ensure respondent anonymity. Participants can't identify who has chosen a specific option, they only see the numerical count of votes. This anonymity encourages individuals who may otherwise hesitate to participate in selecting an option, leading to more candid responses.
  • Ease of Setup: Creating and sending WhatsApp polls is a straightforward process, as outlined earlier. This simplicity makes them versatile for both simple and complex questions. Businesses can easily use polls to solicit quick feedback and gather valuable information.
  • Informed Decision-Making: When sent to an active group with many members, WhatsApp polls can yield a high response rate. This abundance of responses enables the collection of valuable and diverse data, which in turn supports more informed decision-making processes.
  • Real-Time Results: WhatsApp polls provide real-time results. As soon as a participant selects an option for a poll question, every member of the group can instantly view the ongoing tally. This dynamic nature of polls fosters engagement and encourages more users to participate.

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FAQs :

Can I set up a WhatsApp Poll on WhatsApp Web?

Yes, you can create and participate in WhatsApp Polls on WhatsApp Web, just like you can on the mobile app.

Can I see who voted for which option in a WhatsApp Poll?

No, WhatsApp Polls are anonymous. Participants can only see the numerical count of votes for each option, but not who voted for what.

How many options can I include in a WhatsApp Poll?

WhatsApp Polls allow for up to 12 answer choices.

Can I limit respondents to choose only one option in a poll?

Yes, you can choose to restrict respondents to selecting only one option by disabling the "Allow multiple answers" setting when creating the Poll.

Do respondents receive notifications when someone votes in a WhatsApp Poll?

Yes, if push notifications are enabled, respondents will receive notifications when others vote in the Poll.

Can I view the results of a WhatsApp Poll in real time?

Yes, WhatsApp Poll results are updated in real time. As soon as someone selects an option, the tally is visible to all participants.

Can I delete a WhatsApp Poll after I've sent it?

Yes, WhatsApp provides an option to delete a poll. Just select the Poll and select the delete option.