7 WA Deck Alternatives: Which One Should You Choose?

October 31, 2023

What does WA Deck do?

WADeck stands as an AI-powered assistant tailored to enhance CRM workflows within WhatsApp. This streamlines conversations, provides efficient contact management, offers customizable message templates, quick replies, and auto responses, all aimed at facilitating productive and efficient customer interactions.

Here are 7 alternatives of WA Deck you can try-

1. Eazybe

Alternatives of WA Deck

Eazybe goes beyond WA Deck by not only offering all of its features but also enhancing the experience with additional functionalities. Eazybe is a comprehensive solution for managing WhatsApp conversations and boosting productivity, making it a valuable choice for teams and businesses. Here are some of the features of Eazybe:

  • CRM Integrations: Eazybe seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms like Hubspot, Google Sheets, Bitrix, and Zoho, allowing for WhatsApp conversation backup and direct interaction with your CRM for enhanced customer relationship management.
  • Team Inbox: The "Team Inbox" feature provides complete visibility into your team's WhatsApp chats and offers insightful analytics. This fosters effective collaboration and ensures alignment in customer interactions, ultimately improving team productivity.
  • Custom Labeling: Users can create custom labels and categorize chats as needed, enhancing organization and efficiency in managing customer interactions.
  • Contactless Messaging: Eazybe streamlines communication by enabling you to send messages without the need to save contact numbers on your phone. This not only simplifies the conversation process but also declutters your contacts.
  • Chat GPT-Powered AI Suggestions: The integration of Chat GPT-powered AI suggestions enhances your conversations with intelligent recommendations, improving response quality and efficiency in customer interactions.
  • Follow-Ups: You can set follow-ups within chats, including notes, email IDs, and monetary amounts, ensuring that you stay on top of important conversations and tasks, ultimately improving customer service and satisfaction.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • Eazybe has been reported to significantly boost productivity among users, offering a highly convenient and efficient solution for organizing their WhatsApp inbox.
  • The Team Inbox feature stands out as a valuable tool for monitoring and managing team interactions, promoting effective collaboration and alignment in customer interactions.
  • Eazybe's CRM integration extends to a wide range of popular CRM software, enhancing customer data management and ensuring seamless interaction with your CRM platform.
  • Custom labels and funnels, coupled with Google Sheets integration, provide excellent support for efficiently managing a large customer base and streamlining customer relationship processes.
  • Eazybe's customer support is well-regarded, offering real-time solutions, efficient technical support, fast response times, and easy accessibility for users, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Cons :

  • Users have reported instances of lag while on slow or unreliable internet connections.
  • The absence of the ability to make calls directly from WhatsApp web can be good. This feature could be beneficial for users.


If you're in search of an extension that provides a wide range of CRM integrations and robust team monitoring features, Eazybe stands out as an optimal choice. Eazybe not only offers diverse CRM integrations but also boasts an impressive array of features, including AI-powered smart replies, quick reply options, scheduling tools, custom labels and funnels, Google Calendar integration, broadcasting capabilities, and much more.

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2. WA Sender

WA Sender is a comprehensive WhatsApp communication tool that provides unlimited messaging, Excel uploads, and privacy features for efficient and streamlined communication. Here are some features of WA Sender -

  • Auto Reply: Elevate customer engagement and streamline communication by utilizing the auto-reply feature, which allows for instant responses to messages, ensuring customers receive timely and efficient support.
  • Sent/Failed Reports: Access and download valuable insights into message delivery by using the sent/failed reports feature.
  • Pin Unread Chats: Ensure that crucial conversations are given top priority and remain easily accessible by pinning unread chats to the top.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • The availability of the auto-reply feature enables quick and automated responses, improving efficiency in customer communication.
  • The option to download message reports provides valuable insights into message delivery, helping users monitor the effectiveness of their communication strategies.


  • The absence of labels may impact chat organization and categorization, potentially making it more challenging to keep conversations organized and easily accessible.
  • Limited customer support options, primarily via email, may not offer real-time assistance, which can be a drawback for those needing immediate help.
  • The lack of AI features may limit automation and intelligent responses, potentially requiring more manual interaction.
  • The absence of CRM system integration may hinder effective customer relationship management, especially for businesses that rely on CRM tools for client interactions and data management.


While the Auto Reply feature can be useful, especially for personal WhatsApp accounts, it's important to note that if you're using WhatsApp Business, auto-reply functionality is already integrated into the platform. Additionally, reports for sent/failed messages are available within one-to-one conversations. Therefore, paying for these specific features might not be the most cost-effective choice

3. Prime Sender

Prime Sender is a powerful messaging tool with broadcasting capabilities and extensive customization options. You can enhance your messages by including attachments and captions, adding a personalized touch to your communication. Here are some features of Prime Sender -

  • Quick Reply: Enables efficient communication by allowing quick responses for prompt engagement.
  • Notification: Keeps you informed in real-time, ensuring that you never miss important messages or updates.
  • Message Formatting: Allows customization of messages with formatting options like bold, italic, strikethrough, and emojis to convey messages more effectively.
  • Caption: Enhances the clarity and context of attachments by enabling the addition of captions, making the content more understandable and engaging.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • Provides message formatting and customization options, improving messaging capabilities and allowing for more engaging communication.
  • Offers the ability to change the language of messages, making communication more versatile and accessible to a wider audience.


  • The absence of chat filtering and categorization features may impact chat organization and make it more challenging to locate specific conversations.
  • Lack of CRM integration support can be a drawback for businesses seeking to effectively manage customer relationships and data.
  • AI features for automation and intelligent responses are not available, potentially requiring more manual interaction in communication processes.


While the allure of message formatting and customization features may be good, it is essential to consider that editing options are already accessible on WhatsApp Web. As a result, investing in these particular features may not be the most economical decision.

4. WhatsUp Plus

With WhatsUp+, you can schedule messages, set up automatic responses, and use message templates for streamlined and efficient communication. WhatsUp Plus offers a set of features that enhance your messaging experience -

  • Privacy: Ensures a more discreet and controlled messaging experience by allowing you to manage your online status and typing indicators, safeguarding your privacy.
  • Theme: Provides a dark theme option, contributing to extended usage comfort and reducing eye strain during messaging.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Webhooks to enhance connectivity and automate responses, boosting communication efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Recover Messages: Grants the capability to recover deleted messages, ensuring that important conversations are not lost and can be accessed when needed, enhancing message retrieval and data retention.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • Provides the ability to hide your online and typing statuses, enhancing privacy.
  • Allows you to pin a significant number of conversations on WhatsApp, making it easier to prioritize chats.


  • Lacks the ability to create or customize labels for filtering and organizing chats.
  • Only offers integration with Webhooks, limiting options for connecting with other platforms.
  • Smart replies and AI-powered features are not available, potentially impacting automation and response efficiency.


Concealing your online status or typing indicator can enhance privacy, but the impact on your overall WhatsApp experience might be limited. Additionally, the exclusive integration with Webhook could limit its compatibility and functionality for some users. When considering an extension like WhatsUp Plus, it's important to weigh the potential advantages against these limitations.

5. WA Plus

WA Plus provides a range of valuable features to streamline your chat management and customer interaction. Here are some features of WA Plus-

  • Chat Button: The ability to customize your chat button's design, color, and Call to Action (CTA) text allows you to align it with your branding and preferences, ultimately improving user engagement and interaction.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrating with WA Plus CRM streamlines customer data management, making it more efficient to track and manage customer interactions, thus improving overall customer relationship management.
  • Quick Reply: The quick reply feature enables you to create rapid responses, ensuring the efficient handling of customer inquiries and messages, which is crucial for prompt and effective customer support and communication.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • Offers its own CRM system, simplifying customer data management and providing an integrated solution for businesses.
  • Provides customized tabs for chat organization, allowing users to prioritize and organize chats according to their specific preferences.


  • The absence of external CRM software integration limits flexibility in managing customer data and may not cater to businesses already using a specific CRM system.
  • Lacks a smart reply feature, which could enhance response efficiency by automating and optimizing responses.
  • AI-powered capabilities are not available, potentially limiting automation and the quality of responses, especially for businesses looking for intelligent and context-aware messaging.
  • Does not support broadcasting the same message to multiple users, potentially impacting outreach and communication with larger audiences.


Transitioning to a CRM extension should be a carefully considered decision, especially if your company is already using a different CRM system that aligns with your specific needs and requirements. It's crucial to thoroughly evaluate the compatibility and usefulness of any CRM extension before making such a switch.

6. WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus is a powerful extension for WhatsApp Web, packed with enhancements. It allows you to blur private information, add a screen lock for extra security, and discreetly hide the blue tick and online status indicators. Here are some features of WA Web Plus-

  • Multiple Message Broadcasting: Send multiple customizable messages to all your customers simultaneously, improving your outreach and communication efficiency.
  • Smart Auto Replies: Ensure your customers never have to wait by providing smart automatic replies for frequently asked questions, making customer support more responsive and efficient.
  • Contacts Lists & Groups Exporting: Easily generate new leads, convert them into customers, and save and export your contact lists, facilitating lead generation and customer relationship management.
  • Webhooks: Empower your WhatsApp with custom APIs, enabling automated responses and sending custom requests to your endpoints, enhancing automation and customization in your communication processes.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • Provides the option to lock the WhatsApp screen, enhancing privacy and security.
  • Offers features like the ability to like and react to messages, adding interactivity to conversations.
  • Dark mode is available, reducing eye strain and improving readability in low-light conditions.


  • Limited CRM integration with only Webhooks, potentially restricting the ability to efficiently manage customer data and interactions.
  • Lacks AI capabilities, which are increasingly valuable for automation and intelligent responses in modern messaging.
  • Some users have reported slow response times even with a good internet connection, which may affect the user experience in terms of efficiency and speed of communication.


Paying for features like screen locking, adding reaction buttons, or enabling Dark mode might not be the most cost-effective choice anymore, as these customizations are now available for free on WhatsApp Web.


Cooby is a WhatsApp extension designed to foster teamwork among WhatsApp users, with a primary focus on integrating WhatsApp with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.  Here are some of the features of Cooby:

  • Start a Chat with Unsaved Numbers: It allows you to initiate WhatsApp conversations with unsaved numbers directly from your desktop, simplifying communication and outreach.
  • CRM Integration: It facilitates the synchronization of conversational data from WhatsApp to HubSpot, enhancing CRM management.
  • System Tabs: It provides pre-built tabs that automatically update based on message status, simplifying chat management and enabling you to stay on top of your conversations with ease.
  • WhatsApp Notes: You can create notes for specific chats within WhatsApp, ensuring that you don't miss important details or tasks during your customer interactions, contributing to a more organized and customer-centric approach.
Alternatives of WA Deck


  • System tabs are effective for filtering and organizing chats based on their status.
  • Allows you to send pre-written templates with a single click, streamlining communication.
  • Supports the broadcasting of messages to multiple chats, which can be helpful for outreach.


  • Limited CRM integration, currently supporting only HubSpot, potentially restricting its usability with other CRM platforms.
  • Lacks AI capabilities, which could enhance automation and response efficiency.
  • The quick reply feature is not present, which might affect response times.
  • Backup of chats is not available, potentially causing data loss in case of accidental deletion.


Using only HubSpot for CRM integration can be a disadvantage as it limits the capabilities and potential of your system. Additionally, the absence of AI features in the extension reduces its value in terms of automation and predictive insights.